Allsun Organic Spring Fair 2012

Always a popular Open Garden scheme event, our Allsun Farm Spring Organic Fair is held over two days in October. This is Fred’s video sample of the Sunday, where the big drawcard for him was that Janet Jeffs was barbecueing a couple of her Wessex Saddleback pigs for lunch. The regular stallholders where there, and a few new faces as you’ll see if you’ve looked at some of our previous videos. Of Growing the Growers interest was a new face who has been working and learning at Allsun, Chef Martin Boetz  from Sydney’s acclaimed Longrain restaurant. Martin has been working with Allsun to prepare for his own growing project on the fertile banks of the Hawkesbury River. That is a traditional market garden area which is threatened by the spread of the Sydney suburbs and Martin tells how he has has reclaimed some acres of what is currently a turf farm, for a great organic regional food initiative.

Maggie Beer talks to the Growers

This is just a small piece of a lovely interview Maggie Beer shared with us at her Farm Shop in the Barossa. We talked about her influence on her children and grand children and their appreciation of good food, but here she talks about the importance of career-changing dedicated farmers who care about their produce AND the end user’s experience.  That’s something Maggie believes if it was widely adopted, would change Australian agriculture. We do too.

“Maggie Beer is a much loved and distinguished Australian who cares deeply about many things, cooking tasty nutritious food, passing on her love of food to her children and grand children, nurturing farmers and helping them to value add their produce and taking pride in the excellence of the food they produce. She has a great concern that older people, who have contributed so much are well cared for and really well fed in their older years.
This warm, friendly and enthusiastic lady has made many contributions to Australian cooking, probably the most widely recognized being the rediscovery of the merits of verjuice and the delights of Quinces.
When I visit the markets and see Cavolo Nero on the shelves it brings a smile to my face..
This rather plain vegetable which goes by many names, black cabbage, Tuscan kale, Lacinato kale and in the United States as Dinosaur kale, was introduced to Australia by Maggie.
She fell in love with it during a trip to Italy and wrote about it in her cooking column on her return, calling it ‘black cabbage’
I scoured our most comprehensive collection of seed catalogs looking for it with no success.
In desperation I phoned Maggie who told me that she had brought back some seeds and hastily added ‘legally of course’ and generously offered to send me some seed.   Thus began our on going love affair with this wonderful vegetable with what in Australia can truly be called, ‘Maggie’s Cabbage’ ”
.                                  . . . .   Michael Plane


Lucy Turner at the Berrima Public School Garden

You’ve seen an extract about the Berrima School Garden in our Project Update video on the home page, here’s the full version. We think that this is how we start the process of Growing new Growers.

Joel Salatin at ANU

This video is just a short teaser for the full speech that Joel gave at ANU for a Slow Food and Milkwood Permaculture sponsored evening. The full YouTube video is in three parts and runs for an hour. You can also download an MP4 of the evening through the ABC Big Ideas site here.


Growing the Growers at The Kitchen Cabinet

Michael and Joyce were invited to talk at the Growing Good Growers Lunch at one of Janet Jeffs regular events held in the Members Dining Room at Old Parliament House. Here’s their speeches and a look at the food that was served on the day.

And here are the School and Stephanie Alexander’s speeches. (The quality is reduced to allow the longer clip. There’s a couple of microphone problems but you’ll get the idea. Oh, and Stephanie’s speech is slightly shortened.)


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