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Filming Trip 2010


Leaving Australia


Three cheers for Helen! She was at the farm by 5.30 am despite thick fog. We gulped down some breakfast and headed to the Jolimont Centre where she dropped us off in plenty of time to catch the coach to Sydney International Airport.

Reality Check

Airports and anxiety seem to go hand in hand especially when it is over six years since I have travelled overseas. Have we got the passports, did the USA online visa waver really work, is there going to be a problem with something in our hand luggage? It’s not that we are inexperienced it is just that we don’t do it very often.

Sometimes when I fly I get plagued with guilt – all that fuel being burnt up just to get me from one place to another quickly. This time the fuel about to be expended was the least of my problems. Immigration – security – piece of cake. Once through all the formalities we took stock of the time and looked for a quick cup of coffee and something to eat and all I could see was this –


A wash of apprehension bled over me as we looked for something civilized to eat. ‘How can we possibly hope to change this?’ was the question that kept going through my head.
We did find something tasty and fresh to eat and the coffee was good. The plane left on time and the next stop was Los Angeles.