What we want to do here

What we want to do in this section of the website is create some guidelines for both farmers and interns that will help them set up a new way of learning to farm. We will also be starting a directory of farms that offer internships. Every farm is different so we will direct you to a page for each farm which will outlline what they can teach and what interns can expect.


What we found on the filming trip

Everywhere we went there were young people striking out into a new way of farming. Small scale, diverse, biological/organic, regenerative farming. They were apprenticing themselves to established, successful farmers and were looking at a new farming future. Not a retreat from the status quo similar to the  ‘back to the land movement’ of the 60′s and 70′s but rather an engagement and redefining of society by getting involved and shaping the future in a new way. Today there is a hunger for beautiful, tasty produce that has been lovingly grown with techniques that rejuvinated rather than destroy the soil, a new market for young farmers and there is only one way to learn – working with people that have done it already.


The Problem

The World’s agriculture faces many, many problems which seem to us to attract very little attention particularly from the average citizen who gives farming scant attention and as long as there is no food shortage that will continue to be the case.

Water shortage, soil degradation, the overuse of hydrocarbon based fertilisers, biocides and fungicides, mono cropping, ecological destruction and loss of biodiversity, inhumane treatment of food animals are some of the most recognisable ones, and these are getting some attention.

However the weakest link is the lack of young innovative farmers who will take us to the agricultural renaissance that we need.